Great Lakes National Puppet theater


Chapter 5: An Update

Originally posted on January 10, 2011 

Well, the work continues, as we attempt to repair all of the puppets for “The Snow Queen” AND “Pictures at an Exhibition”.

The work is slow going, as we are trying to work the repair stuff in with our already busy schedule. A lot of work has been done on Rodney the reindeer puppet…repaired internal framing, ribs and mounting points. We are currently working on replacing  the ear springs and repairing the fur.

Gerda’s hair has been re-worked. All of the blond crepe hair has been removed and her original hair has been cleaned, untangled and redone. This was a six hour process, working with tiny scissors, a seam ripper and lots of patience and coffee!

Kai has had his hoops raised, his torso rebuilt and his “glowing eye” wiring repaired.

We will post photos soon. The work goes on…all the time remembering that our own original production “The Adventures of Super Nutrition Man” goes out in two short months!

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