Christmas Update


Well, the work continues, as we build our newest production, “Once Upon a Fairy Tale”. Today, I am working on building the rear projection screen, that will be utilized for projected scenery, as well as graphics for the show. This will allow us to change locations without the need for conventional scenery. As we carry the shows in a standard size car, being able to project the scenery is an absolute blessing.

Jenny has been working on the “Wolf” puppet, for the “Little Red Riding Hood” section of the show. She is sculpting the nose and mouth of the character out of foam, that will later be covered with grey fur. I think that we purchased something like nine feet of fur for the puppet. All I know is that the back seat of our car is covered in grey fur!

We will be ordering a new light board for this production, as we intend to use more lighting instruments and effects than we used in our production of “Rumpelstiltskin”. The performance area is much larger for “Once Upon a Fairy Tale” and I need to use bigger, higher wattage lights to cover the area.

We will also be adding a shadow puppet piece in the production, again utilizing the rear projection screen. Jenny will be designing the shadow puppets, which will be for the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” section of the show.

Lots to do. More updates to follow!

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